IT services SydneyTo be truly effective, your business needs a NOC team from an IT services provider in Sydney. What does that mean, why do you need it, and what is the best approach to having your own NOC?

A NOC is a network operations centre, a very specialised team of engineers and systems that makes sure networks are monitored and maintained, and that any problems are identified and rectified properly— and in a suitable time frame.

Though it is possible to operate a company’s IT without a NOC, having one of these dedicated teams offers many benefits. The primary directive of the NOC is to ensure maximum uptime of networks, servers, applications, and even desktops. Though the NOC may spend some of its time fire fighting or reacting to problems as and when they occur, a truly effective NOC team is one that takes a proactive approach, identifying and addressing potential issues before they become problems that affect the delivery, security, or cost of services and systems.

Cost of the NOC

An effective NOC team can be expensive. Suitable engineers are required to have a range of industry qualifications/certifications and considerable experience. They need to have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with a wide range of networking equipment and methodologies. This experience and skill base does not come cheap.

Often, companies find it hard to justify the up-front investment and perceived operating cost of a dedicated full-time NOC. Smaller organisations may opt for a part-time solution in order to reduce their overheads but given that the main remit of a NOC team is to ensure system uptime, having your NOC team operate on anything but a 24×7 basis may prove to be a false economy.

Cost of No NOC

Obviously, if you require 100% availability of systems around-the-clock but your NOC operates on a part-time basis, you are putting yourself at extreme risk of losses should some or all of your critical systems suffer problems that affect uptime. Likewise, tasking non-specialist IT staff with some or all of the responsibilities of a dedicated NOC team creates the risk of losses from mistakes or other results from non-expert support. If you have an in-house NOC team but some or all of your systems are hosted off-site in a data centre, further risks may be created by the team’s limited physical access to hardware.

Managed NOC Services

Managed NOC services from a managed service provider (MSP), especially in concert with other managed services from the same provider, can help to address all of the concerns and risks highlighted above.

By scoping the right type and level of managed NOC from your IT services provider in Sydney, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: dedicated expertise where and when you need it, at a level and cost that is both appropriate for your needs and scalable, should your needs change.

Managed NOC from your IT services provider in Sydney will also be able to help you monitor and implement long-term solutions that should improve your systems overall, providing gains in stability, efficiency, and security. To find out more about how you can benefit from integrating managed network operations into your business, contact us at CustomTec today. Our NOC team is ready to help your business reach new heights.

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