managed IT services Sydney, cloud solutions SydneyWe’ve all felt that sinking feeling crushed by the dawning realisation that critical data has been corrupted or lost. It’s not coming back and this is going to cost: cost money to salvage or recreate, and perhaps cost someone their job. Thanks to managed IT services in Sydney, such disasters can be consigned to history.

With the advent of high-speed internet access, cloud services, and heavy-duty encryption, online backups should today probably be part of almost every organisation’s disaster recovery (DR) regime. But how to choose? We run down a number of key points to consider when choosing your online backup solution:

Backup Frequency

In the “old days,” backing up data meant scheduling a time of the day (night, typically) when files, services, or entire computers would be locked. Entire snapshots of data, disks, or servers would laboriously and slowly be consigned to the backup medium. Today, however, backups can run in the background. We only need to decide whether to take scheduled backups or continuous backups that ensure all data is safe.

Continuous backups of everything may not be practical. Scheduled backups may not provide all the protection you need. Some online backup services provide a hybrid approach, continuously monitoring selected critical files to ensure the latest copies are always saved but falling back to scheduled backups for the bulk of data.


Obviously, if your company is using managed IT services in Sydney to save critical files online, security against corruption or theft of data is paramount. Thankfully, high-grade encryption is both practical and available. Ensure you have sufficient levels of encryption both on the connections to the backup service vendor and on the actual stored data itself.

Check that your contract includes 256 bit SSL. Ask your vendor to take you through the encryption options available and how to ensure there are no vulnerabilities at either end. This can get complex so it’s good to use a provider that offers high levels of support, at least when setting up the backup regime.

Ease of Restoration

There is little point in investing in your company’s data backups via cloud solutions in Sydney if it takes too long to restore the data or, worse, you can’t restore the data for some unforeseen reason. Most providers offer an emergency option of delivering your backup files on an external medium. This needs to be agreed up-front, priced in and, obviously, available with the utmost urgency should you be hit by a disaster.

Free Trial!

Who doesn’t love something for free, right? Well, when it comes to corporate backup regimes, you need to be able to trial the proposed service. A backup solution that has not been tested has to be assumed useless. Check that the providers you’re considering offer this facility.

Surveying the Lay of the Backup Land

Don’t simply pick one. Identify a number of potential providers of managed IT services in Sydney for your online backups and then undertake a survey to ensure they fit your needs. Then, utilise their free trials. For help assessing your online backup options, contact us at CustomTec today.

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