IT services SydneyThe cloud is one of today’s buzzwords, so it should come as no surprise that IT services providers in Sydney offer online backup for your company’s files. But why is there so much hype around cloud storage? Is it just today’s fad or can your business really profit from it?

Benefits of Online Backup for Businesses

Traditionally, even small businesses have needed run their own servers. But today’s technology gives you the option of outsourcing that headache. Storing your company’s data online has some important advantages:

  • Less Hassle – When you store your data in the cloud, you don’t have to mess around configuring and maintaining servers. You’re also less likely to run into technical problems since the storage service has a highly optimised system in place.
  • Cost – Buying and maintaining servers is expensive. Hiring a professional, even part-time, to take care of your server can add thousands of dollars to your wage bill each year. The economies of scale that cloud storage providers offer can significantly reduce your costs for data storage.
  • Competitiveness – Setting up an enterprise level system in your office is expensive and time-consuming. When you outsource this, you get access to the same level of efficiency as big budget corporations for a fraction of the price.
  • Increase Employee Efficiency – When one employee updates a document, everyone else has the new version in real time. Nobody has to waste time attaching or downloading files from emails.
  • Keep Your Data Safe – A host of disasters, from ransomware to accidental deletion, can destroy your company’s data. Physical backups can be damaged too, without even being used. Online backup services use multiple backups, so you can be sure of retrieving your data should the worst happen.
  • Scalability – Your business can grow or shrink while maintaining proportional costs for data storage. You don’t have to invest in new servers when you expand or fire maintenance staff if your business sees a downturn.
  • Work from Anywhere – With no need to copy files, employees can easily work from home, or even from a café downtown. Providing more flexibility about where and when employees work allows them to give more to your business while still tending to their personal lives.

Go Local for Your Business’s Cloud Storage

Even though there are big, global corporations in the cloud storage business, it still makes sense to use a company that provides IT services in Sydney, if you’re based nearby. Here’s why:

  • Speed – A local data centre means faster connections, reducing the time it takes to upload and download files.
  • Safety – International business has many advantages, but not all countries have robust regulatory systems. The protection of Australian law lets you sleep easily without worrying about the safety of your valuable business data.


Storing your business data on your premises is expensive and risky. Most businesses will save money and gain security and flexibility by using a cloud storage solution instead.

If you want to gain the benefits of online backup or other IT services in Sydney, contact us at CustomTec today. We will help you find the ideal cloud storage solution for your success.

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