IT services SydneyWhile it’s common for IT services providers in Sydney to remind their clients about the need for backing up data on a regular basis, they may be overlooking Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) in their offerings. BaaS is a cloud service that manages your data backups from an offsite location. Here are some reasons why your business should consider BaaS:

Managing Data Expansion

One of the top reasons to consider BaaS is to address scalability. If your business is consistently growing, then so is your data. Not all companies are prepared to deal with this complexity, even though it should be well-planned from the start. As your data expands, your business needs to be equipped with the capacity to continuously back up those increasing volumes. If your first thought is to keep adding storage capacity to your servers, you will be wasting excessive amounts of money on hardware.

Instead of routinely buying new servers, which inevitably entails additional maintenance and security expenditure, consider how much more efficient cloud solutions are. Not only can a cloud provider supply you with virtually unlimited space for your business, it can dramatically cut costs on storage and backup through BaaS. Furthermore, this service provides enhanced data protection.

How BaaS Works

Does your IT services provider in Sydney know about BaaS or is this efficient backup solution something you have to manage on your own? Either way, don’t worry because it’s easy-to-use and even gives you self-service capabilities. BaaS is a simplified service that you can run on your own to perform backup and recovery activity. It’s designed for you to focus more on your business than your technology infrastructure.

You will operate an automated central management system and be able to set your own policies. As your data grows, you will be given simple scalability options. Automation will handle your data protection so that you can focus on other work. One of the most important characteristics of BaaS is that it can turn a diverse array of data from a variety of sources into a simple solution managed in one place. A BaaS solution such as NetBackup, powered by Veritas, can provide you with this flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. It can be integrated with physical, virtual, public or private cloud infrastructures.

NetBackup is efficient because it reduces backup time without disrupting your business. You will have fast and easy access to your data, since NetBackup indexes all of it, including emails and files. Whether you need to restore data or run tests, the process is designed to be simple. This platform can reduce both storage and network bandwidth requirements by 99%, using a method called intelligent deduplication. You can decide which data is high-priority and which data can be stored in more affordable spaces, then allow the automation to do the rest.

Instead of building your own on-premises backup and recovery solutions, ask your IT services provider in Sydney what they know about BaaS. If the answer is “not much,” you should consider upgrading your IT services so that it’s at least an available option. Contact us at CustomTec to learn more about how we can help you focus more on your business than your infrastructure.

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