Take Advantage of the “Security Opportunity”

One thing is for certain: businesses will spend more money and be more focused on digital security this year than in previous years, and next year should see further increases. Instead of looking at digital security as an unwanted and unwelcome expense, here are some ways you can take advantage of the ‘opportunity’ provided by the recent Privacy Act Amendment, GDPR and increased market narrative relating to digital security.

Implementing new security measures doesn’t always mean a decrease in productivity.

Look for products and services that provide more efficiency, control and productivity for your team. Three examples of such products are mail filtering, web content management and mobile device management.

Email is the number one application used to communicate both within your business and with your customers and suppliers.

It is also the number one vector for cyber-attacks. Securing your email is essential, but choosing the right product also brings with it a range of benefits, including lowering spam and unwanted advertising, increased mail delivery resilience and more efficient and lower cost archiving. Mail security is not an area to cut corners.

Mobile Device Management, or Enterprise Mobility Management, is an area that we see far too many businesses lagging in.

Almost all businesses now allow or support employees using their own devices to access company information. The benefits are well understood, with most businesses and employees agreeing that using your own device increases worker satisfaction, productivity, availability and response. Alarmingly though, only a small percentage of those companies actually have a device management policy and system in place. Implementing a mobile device management system allows you to ensure your business applications are up-to-date, secure, being used and are consistent across the workforce. It allows you to separate the business apps from the personal apps. So whilst company information is secure, employees can still use the same device for all their personal needs, ensuring the greatest end user experience.

Web content filtering has been around for a long time now, yet the benefits are not well understood.

With the ever increasing availability of streaming services such as Spotify, digital radio and video based news, implementing a properly tuned internet content filtering solution can significantly decrease costs as well and substantially increasing employee productivity. And I didn’t even mention the primary purpose, which is to increase your digital security posture.


There are many other security products that should be seen as opportunities to increase productivity as well as provide a greater level of protection for your business. But possibly the greatest opportunity provided by the recent Privacy Act amendment is the opportunity to review the data you have collected and to engage with your customers about how you protect this information. Information is only valuable if it is accurate. How old are the phone numbers and email addresses you have stored against your contacts? How out of date is the CRM information that you are relying on for business decisions?

Reach out to your customers, update their information and take the opportunity to explain to them how seriously you take security. The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme didn’t change your obligations to keep personal information safe, but it certainly provides a great opportunity to assess what information you have, how you protect it and to update that information.

If you are interested in implementing mail filtering, web content filtering or mobile device management from the world’s leading vendors, please contact us at CustomTec Professional Services for a discussion around your requirements.


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