IT support Sydney, cloud computing Sydney“Cloud is Costly”

Whether this is true depends on how you use the cloud and, more importantly, how the cloud meets your IT support needs in Sydney. For some larger operations with fairly static resource needs, the cloud may not work out cheaper. However, for the vast majority of business processes, a properly specified cloud implementation can bring many great cost benefits.

Bear in mind the dynamic nature of cloud services. This is one of the biggest attractions of cloud services— your costs remain in line with your computing and bandwidth needs. Costs can be pared right back to only the required cloud computing resources so you don’t squander capital and operating costs on unused resources. Furthermore, with cloud computing, new resources can be provisioned much more quickly and cost-effectively. No more hurried implementations of hardware that may not grow with your needs or may lock you into onerous investments on which you get little or no return. Tentative projects can be tested without huge risk and exposure, fostering a faster, more fluid approach to business.

However, implementing and maintaining cloud computing resources does require a new set of skills and experiences. Initially, there may be some upfront costs to contend with, which brings us to our next myth…

“Cloud Doesn’t Require More Skills”

The relative ease with which the cloud can be implemented has perhaps resulted in a rather laissez-faire attitude and a mistaken belief in some quarters that moving to the cloud completely eliminates the need for competent IT support skills in Sydney. Yes, you can enjoy reduced overheads when it comes to maintaining in-house or data centre infrastructure and servers but using the cloud in a way that really benefits your business in the long term will still require you to have access to relevant competency somewhere.

You may acquire the needed skills from a provider of cloud computing in Sydney. And, as with cloud computing itself, these services can be provisioned in a much more flexible, cost-effective manner. However, you still need to ensure that you have access to the required IT skills.

In fact, moving to the cloud can provide an opportunity to strengthen employee relationships and engender greater dedication from your workforce by investing in training. Help them broaden their skill sets to support your cloud computing and you can end up with a win-win.

“Your Cloud Provider Handles the Management”

This is another potentially dangerous possible myth. Why only potentially? Because at least a certain level of management by the cloud vendor tends to be taken as-read and is in fact usually one of the key selling points. However, the level of management is by no means guaranteed. You and your cloud vendor must work together to ensure that you get the level of management you need. Vendors will typically be more than happy to provide this but both parties to the contract need to understand your expectations clearly and they need to be accounted for.

As you with most areas of IT, common myths abound and the answers are never so simple. The cloud, at least to some degree, will invariably provide some powerful benefits for your IT support in Sydney. Talk to us at CustomTec today for help of seeing more clearly through the cloud.

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