Social distancing, elbow bumping and working from home – how the workplace is disrupted due to COVID-19


With social norms changing thanks to COVID-19, it’s happening more often – that awkward moment when you lean in to greet a colleague with a handshake, and then recoil, opting instead for an unsteady elbow tap or a fist pump.

Employers and schools are expecting workers and students to work from home, but are we ready? Finding a quiet place to work from home can be a challenge in itself, but what about the technological requirements?

What do you need to make sure you’re ready for the “work from home” challenges ahead? Here are our top 4:


  1. Choose best in class technology to support Business As Usual (BAU) in a very non-BAU environment

Employers are under pressure to make the best technology available in order to retain the best staff – more so in the current environment where inadequate collaboration and security features could have a serious impact on whether business can continue to run.


  1. Communication and collaboration

Consider an average work day. Meetings, calls, e-mails. How much of this could you do remotely right now. Webex has reported an unprecedented increase in users since the outbreak began, and as more businesses look to securely mobilise their workforce, having the right tools to connect those teams is crucial.


  1. Connectivity

The battle for bandwidth is becoming a serious consideration as industry events continue to be cancelled in favour of live streaming, schools and universities are making more content available online, and Netflix and YouTube are being accessed by children home from school. With all these extra traffics on the internet, businesses need to make sure employees get bandwidth and quality of service for business-critical traffics at home.


  1. Security

Is VPN secure enough to protect remote workers? How do employers know that the person logging on is actually their employee?  How do employers manage remote access from uncontrolled remote devices? How do employers maintain visibility over remote users’ machines and block new threats?

In times of uncertainty, businesses need to make sure all the new solutions they put in place are quick to implement and easy to manage since hackers are more actively looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. With more cyber-crime being targeted at SMBs, business of all sizes need to make sure they have the right security stack in place.


Where to next?

There are free trials available for best in class collaboration and security products.

  • Webex – Bring more intelligence and usability to your business meetings
  • Cisco Umbrella – a cloud-delivered enterprise network security which provides users with a first line of defence against cyber security threats
  • Duo – 2 factor authentication

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your options.

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