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Our Commitment to Customer Service


Mach has an enviable reputation for the high levels of service and uptime that we deliver across all our solutions and how we have done this continuously since we were founded in 2005. We measure our undertaking in terms of an SLA – i.e. specified values in terms of uptime availability, responsiveness and resolution to address unplanned issues that may arise.

One SLA for All

The SLA is the same for all our customers and online services we host, noting that financial penalties / fines for breaching the SLA are only applicable if explicitly included within an Enterprise Agreement &/or Premium-SLA (e.g. as required by some of our larger Government and Commercial clients).

Our ‘Die Hard’ Support Commitment!

  • we will use and continually develop clever 24/7 automated monitoring, alert & self-healing systems
  • if there is an issue, we will make sure we know about it – and respond rapidly, 365 days of the year
  • our team of gurus will always be ready and able to address any technical need and deliver outstanding solutions and service
  • we will continue to invest and develop flexible, scalable solutions across our 4x hosting facilities using the best technologies
  • we will be disruptively priced in the market to deliver low cost, next-generation on-demand services from our Private/Public/Hybrid cloud
  • and also…for those customers who do want that extra piece of mind and choose to sign an Enterprise Agreement &/or Premium-SLA with Mach, they will obtain committed SLA response & resolution time-frames, restoration of systems & data and will also be able to contact us outside our standard business day hours.

SLA Easy Reference Card

Below is a credit-card sized “SLA Easy Reference Card” that we recommend our clients print out and keep in their wallet/purse for easy reference (print below & centre-fold, or print PDF on duplex and cutout):


“Availability” is a measure of “uptime” of services and takes into account unplanned downtime/outages per:

Mach commits to levels of Availability being:

  • 100% for our “Very Highly Available” (VHA) federated & clustered services (such as DNS, Email MX/MT/Filtering, SMS, SMTP, NTP, Monitoring)
  • 99.9% for fully Mach Managed SaaS (e.g. Enterprise Email) and HA Client Subscriptions (that have a high availability clustered or automated failover solution) in our Data Centre’s
  • 99.5% for all other Mach Managed Subscriptions


  • Allowed Outage means planned & proactive maintenance time + any time services are affected by out of Mach scope activities / infrastructure (e.g. 3rd party, telecommunications carrier, etc).
  • Year means previous 365 days, or if system has not been implemented substantially in its current state for that period of time, then a pro-rata of the time it has been implemented will be used for the calculation.

Fine Print

Our goal is to be clear and open and have no “hidden strings attached”. There are however some additional points to note:

  • Our SLA is subject to our standard Legal Terms of Trade (and any other associated terms/variations if an Enterprise Agreement is also in place)
  • Any specific features, terms or conditions detailed in the relevant Product / Service Subscription collateral (which, for example, would detail whether a highly available multiple points of redundancy configuration is in place or not)
  • “Resolved” means, to the extent reasonably possible, that:
    • the root cause has been identified and a permanent solution implemented to rectify; or
    • a workaround has been determined and implemented, with the permanent solution to be implemented thereafter
  • The resolution timeframe may be exceeded if dependencies exist for matters outside of Mach’s immediate control, e.g. hardware failure and time required to deliver new parts, 3rd party software bugs or outages, other 3rd party suppliers, etc. Nevertheless in these circumstances, Mach Technology will continue to utilise its best endeavours to oversee/manage the resolution and achieve the fastest root cause solution as possible

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