Customer Legal Framework

  • enacting a BAAF,
  • which per the SFOA,
  • covers the Scope as defined through selection and integration of Service Catalogue Product(s), per initial Proposal and as varied “on-demand” from time to time over the term of the agreement.


BAAF (Business Account Activation Form)

Click here to download the BAAF.

This Form is required to be completed by all Business Account customers and clients of Mach. It enables a trading relationship to be formed and provisioning in Mach’s management systems to occur. Service Levels per Mach Tech SLA specifications with specifications for all goods & services delivered by Mach being per the Proposal and scope-referenced Service Catalogue product(s), technical specifications, pricing and term.

SFOA (Standard Form of Agreement)

Click here to download the SFOA.

Details the standard terms and conditions of trade for the supply of goods and services by Mach.

Service Catalogue (aka Product Brochure/Flyer)

Mach continually develops, innovates and amends its various Products as included and varied from time to time in its Service Catalogue. We call this our “innovation promise” and typically, this means that our Customers are routinely gaining increased functionality, performance or quality for no increase in charges.

Service Catalogue means those standardised and productised Service items (including scope and pricing) as detailed in the relevant ‘flyer’ as published by Mach from time to time, for example (but not limited to):

  • Premium Support Services
  • Cloud Data Centre Facilities
  • Managed Servers (Data Centre, Onsite & Other Clouds)
  • Managed Storage (Server+Network) Capacity
  • Managed Enterprise Backup
  • Managed Network Devices & Security (Data Centre & Onsite)
  • Managed Comms – Internet and Private WAN (Data Centre & Onsite)
  • Managed Monitoring & Alert Service
  • Managed Mach365 Email & Licencing
  • Managed Dedicated Hosted Exchange Email with Legal Archive
  • Managed Desktop & BYOD + Protection Service
  • Managed Telephony (IP-PBX, Handsets & Telco Phone Lines)
  • Managed UCaaS
  • Managed Nextcloud Secure Sync+Share
  • Managed Procurement & IMAC
  • Business-Pro Email
  • Pen Testing
  • Cyber Insurance Solution
  • T&M Rate Card (Consulting/Professional/Resolver Group Services)

3rd Party Supporting Terms

Mach integrates and utilises various technologies (Server, Storage, Network, Carrier, Application, etc) to achieve the (higher level) Products and Services that our clients purchase from us via way of their engagement legal agreement with us. Each of these supporting 3rd party suppliers (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Dell, Telco’s, Application Vendors and many others) have their own end-user licence terms that operate coincident with their products. For example this one from Microsoft.

All Mach customers agree as a part of our Legal Framework that they agree to the application and adherence to such 3rd party vendor requirements and understand that they may be amended from time to time without Mach’s involvement or awareness.

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