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CustomTec SmartBackup (BUaaS)

With businesses growing and relying more on IT to run, the need to securely backup your business in case of an emergency is more critical than ever before. Having a data recovery contingency plan ensures your business will not be down for any significant amount of time in the event of a disaster. SmartBackup ensures your business is protected, even during the worst of disasters.

Disasters aren’t that common though?

Backup and disaster recovery isn’t just in case of natural disasters like a Cyclone or Flood, it’s more commonly events such as power outages, cyber-attacks, human error, fire and unexpected updates and patches. These can still cripple your business. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can be the deciding factor between growth and lost business. This is where CustomTec can help.

How can you secure my business?

CustomTec offer a comprehensive service for Backup-as-a-Service. Our solutions are customised for your business environment, and offer an efficient and cost-effective platform for to protect your business from outages, no matter what the cause.

SmartBackup is a highly available backup and recovery service that protects your business critical servers, data and applications. 

Why do I need SmartBackup?

All businesses rely on system availability. Most businesses have a backup plan, but few have a recovery plan, let alone the ability to test it. SmartBackup addresses these issues with a cost effective solution based on industry leading technology, plus it’s supported and managed by CustomTec’s 24×7 NOC and help desk.

SmartBackup can start a virtualised version of the failed server from the last backup, and provide temporary failed server functionality in much less time than it takes to recover an entire server.

How does it work?

SmartBackup takes a point in time copy of servers. This includes the data, applications, and operating system. A copy is kept locally for fast local recovery, and a copy replicated to our secure Sydney based datacenter.

SmartBackup can bring online (potentially in minutes) the most recent copy of the entire server, which enables continued business operation. With traditional backups, a backup copy is only done nightly. If there is a failure late in the day, then an entire day’s work may be lost. SmartBackup takes multiple backups during the day to minimise the amount of data lost.

Where is my data stored?

Backup data can be stored locally alongside your server for fast restoration. These images can be replicated to one of our secure datacenters to provide offsite storage.

How secure is my data?

Data is stored at Tier-3 (high rating) datacenters that include 24×7 security guards, CCTV surveillance and biometric access. These datacenters have multiple internet feeds, redundant power feeds, battery backup power and diesel generators. Multiple air conditioning units provide climate control.

Additional local storage is required.

How resilient is your business?

In the event of a disaster, business resilience is a deciding factor of how much your business is affected. We use Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) tailored for the nature of your business to formulate an optimal strategy in the event of a disaster, which minimizes downtime and makes recovery efficient.

How much data can you afford to lose?

The Recovery Point Objective is used to describe how much data you are willing to lose. For instance, most typical backups are done on a nightly or weekly basis. However, if you cannot afford to lose more than a few hours work in the event of a disaster, then you are not meeting your RPO.

SmartBackup can provide fast Recovery Point Objectives, which dramatically minimise the data lost. We customise it to your business, so in the event of a disaster, only minimal, if any, loss occurs.

How can you secure my business?

SmartBackup can provide fast Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). SmartBackup recovers not just the data, but the entire server into an operational state.


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