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With businesses growing more and more and relying on IT to run, the need to securely backup your business in case of an emergency is more critical than ever before. Having a data recovery contingency plans ensures your business wont be down for any significant amount of time, this ensures your business stays strong and not losing your hard earned revenue even during the worst of disasters.

Disasters aren’t that common though?

BackUp and Disaster Recovery isn’t just in case of a natural disaster like a Cyclone or Flood, its more much more common events that could cripple your business such as power outages, cyber attacks, human error, fire and unexpected updates and patches. A comprehensive business continuity plan can be the deciding factor between growth and lost business.

How can you secure my business?

CustomTec offer a comprehensive service for both Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery (SmartDR) which is customised for your business environment, making it efficient and cost-effective as possible while completely securing your business from anything life can throw at it.



BackUp-as-a-Service (BaaS) is the smarter way to back-up your business. Instead of spending thousands on tape drives, tape and backup software BackUp-as-a-Service takes a local snapshot and then transfers the data offsite to a secure datacentre. The entire process is managed and monitored by CustomTec. Restores can be done quicker than before and you can be secure in the knowledge that last night’s back was done.

How does it work?

Data is backed up nightly by the backup software provided. The backup is then replicated over an internet or private link to the Equinix datacenter. The entire process is managed by CustomTec from the Operations Centre in Sydney

How do I restore a file?

Should you require a file to be restore ring support and they will restore the file as requested.

Can I restore an entire computer/PC/laptop?

When a user loses a laptop or his/her computer breaks it isn’t just the lost files that are a problem. It can take an entire day to rebuild the computer with the same applicaitons, settings and files. BackUp-as-a-Service (BaaS) has the ability to take a snapshot of PCs and laptops including operating system, applications and data. When it is restored the entire machine is restored exactly as it was. The user can get back to work quickly and with less disruption.

Additional local storage is required.

Where is my Data?

Replicated data is stored at the Equinix datacentre in Sydney, Australia. Full server and workstation images are stored locally at your office for fast restores. These images can be replicated to the datacentre if required.

How secure is my data?

Data is stored at the Equinix Sydney datacentre which includes 24×7 security guards, CCTV surveillance and biometric access.  The datacentre has multiple internet feeds, redundant power feeds, battery backup power and diesel generators. Multiple air conditioning units provide climate control.

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