mobile device managementWe can we think of a whole range of reasons why your business needs to engage in mobile device management (MDM). You may already be using a provider of managed services to support the IT needs in your organisation. Do you really want to add yet another ‘cost’ to that burgeoning portfolio of services and infrastructure requirements? Well, let’s take a look at just one big reason, shall we?

Mobile Devices Are Here to Stay

Can you name one employee of your company who doesn’t at least have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer? I didn’t think so. Therefore, we can probably agree that mobile devices are not just a key feature of the business landscape but they are here to stay, at least until we’ve all been ‘jacked into the Matrix’ via basal limbic cortex mesh-net ether-plugs.

Okay, so I made up the bit about the Matrix but you can see that without question your organisation is dealing with a large number of mobile devices that need to be managed, even if you haven’t made the move to the Internet of Things yet. And, if you’re failing to manage those devices, you are at the very least missing a trick (or two) and possibly risking compliance failures and significant disaster costs.

Granted, when you have to convince the board of another investment plan, “Hey, we’ve all got phones, right?” might not be the most professional argument. So, let us examine some more reasons to invest in mobile device management.


Even if employees are only using their phones to message each other with updates regarding strategy, the security of mobile devices in your organisation is a key consideration. A competent MDM solution is designed from the ground up to facilitate assessment, management and reporting on existing and potential security issues. At the very least, you and your board can then be confident the threat is being monitored.

MDM solutions also come with features that, by helping to manage mobile devices in line with rules and policies, contribute to a more robust overall security architecture.

Automated Administration

Much of the functionality of MDM tools concerns automating regular administration and management tasks. Provisioning of users and devices, access to resources, system updates, tracking, and reporting can all be handled automatically or via single-click actions. Reporting on actions taken can be fed to dashboards, giving management staff easy confidence that processes are operating normally or early heads-up if problems are appearing.

Reduced Overall Costs

MDM solutions may take some up-front investment in terms of implementation and staff training but in the long run, being able to automate much of the grunt work and maintain competent monitoring and reporting means that costs should be lower overall. And, thanks to the focus on managing security, the big hidden potential cost of vulnerability exploitation is mitigated to a great degree.

How to MDM?

Of course, choosing the right mobile device management solution and configuration takes experience and skills your organisation may still be developing. CustomTec has been delivering MDM solutions and advice to a range of clients for a long time. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you achieve MDM with ease.

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