Labourpower Case Study

Labourpower Recruitment Services – paperless within 3 months
Labourpower Recruitment Services is one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies. Established in 2002, it places in excess of 17,500 jobs per week.

As with many businesses, Labourpower is facing a growing demand to process the large amounts of data required for recruitment in a timely and accurate manner.

Labourpower Managing Director, Luke Webber, recognised that to improve the company’s efficiency and deliver more effectively to their clients, they needed to move away from their established processes and embrace a paperless solution.



“We knew we needed to simplify the manual application process,
which was taking an hour or two per applicant.

“We required an approach that allowed us to do this differently so that we have a safe,
reliable and robust platform for our business.”

The strategy to reach this goal was to find a way to implement self-service kiosks across the country.

The key challenge was to make the kiosks 100% compliant. Personal information including application forms, medical records, tax, super and banking details would all need to be input correctly and housed safely.

While the benefits of making the change were obvious, the real challenge was to find a partner who could make the dream a reality.

“We engaged a partner to build the applications and get the project running,
but twelve months in they were unable to complete the job.”

The process

Luke says, “It became evident that if we were going to do it right and build a strong foundation we needed to lean on an expert third party who did this day in and day out. We approached CustomTec with one goal – Get the project off the ground and make it happen.”

CustomTec’s approach was to not only focus on architecture and process, but on engagement and education. Working together very closely, with daily communication and the right team in place, the project came together.

The Solution
The Kiosk solution included:

  • Creating a map of expectations and final outcomes to streamline the staff on-boarding process.
  • Tight integration with the existing software suite, ensuring a single source of truth within the database.
  • Sourcing the right hardware that was robust, powerful and cost effective.
  • Rallying the CustomTec developer and infrastructure teams to ensure smooth delivery and a seamless user experience.

Within three months, CustomTec had completed the project. Labourpower outsourced their IT environment to CustomTec and took advantage of their ‘CIO as a service’ offering, essentially eliminating the need for a CIO internally.

The paperless outcome is not only great for the environment, but also reduces the amount of time spent on the application process, thereby reducing costs.

Victor Guerrero, strategic partner director at CustomTec says,

“We worked with Luke and his team to translate their
business requirements in to a technical solution”.

Luke says,

“CustomTec understood the end result we were hoping to achieve.
They were organised, and assembled the right team to get the job done.
Without their help, this project would never have materialised.”


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December 15, 2017

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