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Revolutions in computing and mobility have created some huge workloads for providers of IT services in Sydney, especially at SMEs. One area that can really help reduce the overall workload for IT departments is monitoring of your networks. So, if you’re having to add another string to your bow, what are the main reasons why even SMEs need to implement network monitoring?

Remote Monitoring

A real boon for the busy professional handling provision of IT, the ability to monitor your network from anywhere has to be a big win. No more being bound to your desk or taking your eye off the ball because you’re firefighting somewhere else.

Easier Troubleshooting

Yes, you read that right. Your job can be EASIER! With the data and signals captured by network monitoring, you might even be on top of problems before users have noticed them. Imagine if you no longer even have to field trouble calls because you’ve fixed something before it actually became a problem for users!


Yes, I know, the demands of real, day-to-day life can make it hard to follow best practices in your IT services in Sydney, but here’s the thing: network monitoring can help take care of this for you. Not only can network monitoring help create a visual survey of everything in your network, it can do it automatically. So, that’s actually making your job easier, right?

Easier Trend Tracking

If you’re responsible for IT provision and support in a smaller organisation, you may be fighting the challenges caused by a lack of budget for the nice slick tools that can help you easily monitor trends in network performance. Luckily, this is another area in which network monitoring tools are your friend. With historic and live data easily available, your ability to forestall fresh problems and diagnose old ones will be improved.

Planning Growth and Policy

With the visual and detailed picture, you develop thanks to network monitoring, your ability to support planning both in IT and other departments will be much greater. Not only can you help with planning, but you’ll be able to produce hard data to support you when you implore management to shape policy. And we all know how nice it is when the IT department’s input on policy is really accepted.

Better Network Security

Improve the security of your network, that has to be worth how much extra up-front effort? Even fairly basic network monitoring can help to strengthen security and is particularly valuable in those cases where an SME’s budget may not support a fully-fledged intrusion detection system (IDS).

Better Bottom Line

The costs to businesses from downtime are increasing all the time. With more and more of commercial life dependent on digital technologies, every little bit of systems failure has a price for your business. Network monitoring can have a quantifiable benefit for the bottom line by preventing downtime.

These are just some key ways in which network monitoring can support SMEs’ IT services in Sydney. CustomTec can help you understand exactly how this facility can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

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