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When you contemplate the disasters that could befall your company, do you think you can list every eventuality? Perhaps you should contact an IT services provider in Sydney to put your mind at rest, as they will be experts who are well versed in every type of disaster that could affect your business.

Everyone knows how important a disaster recovery plan is, but it is only effective if all possible problems have been accounted for and solutions put in place for each one. It might be possible for your business to cope with a disaster that was unexpected, but in a state of panic, it can be difficult for people to think rationally. When preparing in advance and having a detailed plan that employees can follow, high-pressure situations can run more smoothly as everyone knows their role in the recovery process.

Most Common Types of Disaster

The first thought everyone has when contemplating disasters is generally related to the more newsworthy ones: tornado, floods, and wildfires. And these are certainly a problem as we know from the 2011 flooding in Brisbane, however, they are not as common a cause for disaster recovery as nationwide reporting would have us believe. It is far more likely that your company would be hit by hardware issues, mechanical failure, or human error.

Hardware or Mechanical Failure

As robust as we like to think our hardware and servers are, everything has the ability to fail at some point. There could be a major server crash or a complete failure at a data centre, but equally the problem could be far smaller with just as far-reaching consequences, for example, a simple memory error.

Any of these could cause issues with critical systems and it is essential that as well as a thorough disaster recovery plan, IT services providers in Sydney recommend that frequent data backups are carried out so that the IT system can be restored as soon as possible.

Human Error

Unfortunately, this can be hard to account for as there are many unforeseen errors that can be caused by innocent mistakes and carelessness. Accidental deletion of critical programs can cause a company to come to a standstill if accurate and recent backups cannot be accessed, and the case can be even worse if the damage is caused maliciously. An employee could be tricked or coerced into helping criminals access your sensitive data, or introduce a virus which could introduce ransomware or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

It can be difficult to prevent accidental human error, which is why comprehensive recovery plans are so important, but companies should try to eradicate in-house errors as far as is possible.

As you can see, disaster recovery in Sydney can be challenging if you are to encompass all the problems that might happen to impact your most critical business processes. IT services companies in Sydney, like CustomTec, can be the answer to your problems as they have formulated plans for every eventuality, and have thorough disaster recovery solutions to save your company in the event of IT infrastructure problems. If you want your company to be secure if the worst happens, contact us today to see how exhaustive our disaster recovery plans are.

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