IT services SydneyWith the increasing threat from cyberattacks and ransomware, every business that wants to survive in the 21st century needs to proactively shield themselves from these types of incursion. Luckily, IT services in Sydney are the perfect option when you need expert knowledge on the best way to protect your data and improve your security measures.

There are a number of things to think about when it comes to security:

  • Sensitive data must be protected
  • Passwords must have strong authentication
  • Access to Admin and Security protocols must be restricted

These are the most important, but the list is almost endless. One thing that should be done, however, is monitoring the most likely cause of data breaches.

What Are the Risks?

Do you know what your employees do at work every day? You may have a good idea that some of them are on social media when they shouldn’t be, or they might be engaging in a little shopping online. These will all hamper your productivity which is bad enough in itself, but what happens when there is an inadvertent data leak or even malicious theft of financial or sensitive information?

Ideally, you would like to know about any of these data breaches, whether intentional or accidental, before they leave you open to attack. The most efficient way to go about this is to use something called User Activity Monitoring so that you can detect and stop threats before they happen, or at the very least, minimise the damage if the worst were to happen.

What is User Activity Monitoring?

Essentially, as the phrase suggests, it is the act of monitoring a user’s activity and there are many tools available to track specific behaviours on various company devices, for example, where and when data is being accessed. It is the sort of software that IT services providers in Sydney specialise in, as it needs a considerable amount of intricate programming and advanced reporting capabilities to ensure that it is acting within the law, but also catching all the suspicious activity that has occurred.

It is all a necessary part of tightening up security controls and policies, which staff often need to be reminded of. It is human nature to try and make shortcuts in working practices for efficiency purposes, but that can sometimes run counter to security policies. For instance, a door to a room containing sensitive information may be propped open as it reduces the time taken unlocking it for every visit, or passwords may be shared to allow different users to access different accounts.

There are legal implications involved in tracking users as you need to let your staff know and secure agreement from them before proceeding. But, by monitoring your staff, you can pick up on these seemingly simple acts that may have far-reaching security consequences that they hadn’t accounted for.

How to Stem the Tide

If you don’t know what is happening currently and where the potential security breaches are, it is almost impossible to know how to prevent them.

If you are worried that your company might be at risk, you should look for the right IT services in Sydney. Contact us at CustomTec today.  It’s never too late to let our IT experts protect your assets.

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