IT services SydneyHave you thought about what might happen if, somehow, you were to lose the sensitive data you hold about your clients or employees? IT services in Sydney can be the solution to this increasingly common problem, as they can ensure that all your data is backed up regularly and restore your systems if a disaster were to happen.

Technology Is Essential to Run a Business

We all use technology, and it is never more important than when used within a business to record vital information. This could be the bank or address details of customers, financial transactions, or employee data including rates of pay or working hours. The amount of data even a small business needs to store is increasing to keep pace with the rising tendency to carry out as many aspects of our daily life as possible online.

The problem comes when that data is lost. Your company cannot function without access to crucial data, let alone the chance of falling foul of the legal aspects of data protection laws.

Unfortunately, there are many ways in which data can be lost:

  • Accidental deletion of data or files
  • Viruses or bugs being introduced into the system
  • Overwriting essential files or data
  • Power surges
  • Computer or hard drive crashes
  • Older hardware failing because of wear and tear
  • Spilt drinks, particularly if data is stored on mobile hardware (e.g. laptops)
  • Stolen hardware

As you can see, data can be lost or deleted surprisingly easily, but IT services in Sydney can make sure you have a solution on hand.

How IT Services Can Help

In order for you to recover your lost data, it first has to be found again. There are possibilities in some cases for data to be restored, but if you are to safeguard against any eventuality, the safest way to ensure you always have access to your data is to set up regular data backups. IT service companies can manage this with ease, as one of their main selling points is the ability to make sure all systems are backed up. In the event of a disaster, a data recovery plan can be put in place to restore all sensitive data, allowing your business to continue as normal with the shortest downtime possible.

This is particularly useful when a virus has been introduced into the IT infrastructure, as one benefit of regular backups is that you can choose which backup you would like to restore. If you know exactly when the virus was introduced, you can go back in time to a copy of your system that you know is completely safe. It is even possible to back up your data remotely which can give you greater security as well as a reduced workload for your staff, and save you money.

With all these benefits, backing up all your data regularly and efficiently can be the key to protecting your business. If you want an IT services team in Sydney to look after your company and safeguard your information, then contact us at CustomTec today. Regular data backups can mean a fast recovery time in the event of a disaster; we won’t let your company go under because of lost data.

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