IT support Sydney, cyber security sydneySocial media is fast becoming essential for companies that want to communicate with their customers and promote their products or services. However, if information is leaked or the company is hacked, they will need a business with extensive knowledge of IT Support in Sydney to rescue them.

It is true that the social media benefits are huge, as it is relatively easy to increase your brand awareness and create more inbound traffic, all of which results in the knock-on effect of better search-engine rankings. Unfortunately, problems occur when data isn’t sufficiently protected or employees are lax with security issues. So where are the problem areas?

The Weakest Link: Your Employees

Unfortunately, your employees are so familiar with using social media that they can become a little too relaxed when it comes to security issues. There needs to be a policy put in place that covers your security and that of your employees, and there are three main issues to consider:

  • Passwords
  • Hacking
  • Data protection


Because we need so many passwords these days, there is a tendency to use one password for everything. Unfortunately, some systems are more easily hacked than others, and the danger occurs when an employee has a password stolen from an app they use privately. If it is the same as the password they use to log in to work systems, your data and security will be compromised.

Similarly, if too much information is shared by employees online, then it can be a simple job to guess what their password is. Names of pets, birthdays, or using children’s names are potential gifts for data thieves trying to attack your systems.

It is essential that employees realise that using a common password or one related in some way to their personal life, and then not changing it frequently enough could cause very serious issues.


Accounts on apps like Twitter and Facebook are open to hacking because of either phishing or clickable links that can upload viruses to your systems. Direct messages are a particular favorite of hackers, and the more information the hacker has, the more they can alter a message for it to appear to come from a trusted source. Employees must check all links to make sure the messages actually come from a valid source.

Data Protection

Securing job applicants through social media is becoming a widespread practice, but it is essential that any sensitive data kept about prospective or current employees is kept secure.

One way to do this is to use encryption or one of the many data loss prevention suites that are a feature of IT support companies in Sydney.

Keeping Your Company and Your Data Secure

Securing IT support in Sydney is a must if you want to keep your data and company safe. Overall, there are many areas of social media use where companies can lose data and customer confidence, and in many cases, the breaches are avoidable. It is up to the business concerned to try and close all the loop-holes they can, and luckily, here at CustomTec, we are experts in cyber security in the Sydney area. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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