IT services Sydney, disaster recovery SydneyThe explosion in virtual machine use has created an expectation that IT resources and infrastructure will be available whenever businesses want to use them. This is great news for those looking for IT services in Sydney, as it allows your business to operate around the clock, developing and delivering the services your customers want.

Unfortunately, traditional strategies for backup and recovery of data can get in the way of the on-demand access that modern businesses need.

A traditional recovery plan means regularly slowing down systems while data is backed up multiple times. One backup stores a complete snapshot of the environment, in case you need to restore the whole virtual machine. Another catalogues individual files, in case you only need to restore a single file such as an email or document.

These Slow Backup and Recovery Periods Can Hurt Your Business

Using this traditional approach to backup can slow your systems for hours each time. Worse, it can take hours to restore your work environment when disaster does strike. An accidental deletion of data, a disk crash, a malicious employee action, or a fire at the data-centre can leave your business unable to operate for half a day.

This is a minor crisis for any business with online operations, not least because it makes you look unreliable to your customers.

But slow system restores can also cripple the development of new applications and services. A single bug often means you need to restore your system multiple times before you manage to fix it. Meanwhile, your employees are sitting around twiddling their thumbs for hours on end.

A Backup and Recovery System That Won’t Cripple Your Business

At the very least, you should make sure that your IT service provider stores regular system snapshots of your Virtual Machines. That way, your service can be restored in minutes, not hours. This solution keeps your online operation running smoothly.

Good managed IT services in Sydney use flash storage to store these snapshots, allowing you to recover the system almost instantly and use it at the faster speed that a flash drive offers. This is a perfect safety net for systems you can’t afford to have offline.

The only drawback is that while you can restore the whole system quickly, it can take many hours to recover a single file from that snapshot.

In terms of disaster recovery, Sydney IT providers that are serious about keeping your business running smoothly offer a system that also makes recovery of individual files quick and painless.

An integrated backup system takes regular snapshots of your Virtual Machines. But these backups also use modern techniques to do granular backups at the same time. That way, you can recover single files at the same speed that you can do a whole system restore.


If you want to keep your business operating at full speed, then you need to employ fast methods for both whole system and granular backup. Companies that offer you managed IT services should deliver this as a matter of course.

If you need IT services in Sydney, phone us at CustomTec today. Our IT experts are ready to help your business reach new heights.

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