The Cloud is Booming

IT services SydneyThe use of IT services in Sydney has been expanding recently, in line with the adoption of cloud solutions. The growth is driven by businesses eager to focus on core competencies and divest themselves wherever possible of the costs and risks inherent in building, maintaining, and supporting in-house hardware and software systems.

Though there are undoubtedly many strong reasons for migrating to the cloud, you need to be aware of some fundamental challenges. With the migration from centralised in-house systems to cloud-based solutions, the management and authentication of users can quickly become a major new challenge, and the obvious solutions are not necessarily the right ones.

SaaS Solution User Headaches

Software as a service (SaaS) is one big area in which the demands of user management can reduce benefits such as granular management of licensing, elimination of hardware overheads, and application management.

With today’s mobile workforce, solutions like Office 365 offer your business many benefits. However, they can also create new challenges. Integrating Office 365 with your existing systems can create exactly these kinds of IT challenges.

SSO for ‘The Win’

Single sign on (SSO) is the obvious answer. In an ideal world, implementing SSO across in-house and cloud services results in a huge reduction in administrative overhead, resource costs, and security risks. But, how should you do this effectively?

Is MS AD in the cloud the answer?

Given the wide adoption of Microsoft’s Active Directory (MS AD), you can be forgiven for assuming that Microsoft’s own AD solutions are the answer for IT services in Sydney.

However, not all AD solutions for the cloud will meet the needs of your business. You will need to consider carefully how best to implement SSO, and this means you need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches.

With Microsoft’s cloud technologies like AD Federation Services (ADFS), Azure AD Sync, and Forefront Identity Manager, your business is locked into the use of multiple systems across the premises and cloud. Not only is it complex, but legacy development means this approach is subject to delayed synchronisation.

Okta Identity Management for Office 365

One strong alternative, Okta, is fully cloud-based. Okta Identity Management for Office 365 provides a single point of operation for SSO between Azure and AD, VPN services, and on-premises applications. This single system for user on-boarding, off-boarding, and authentication offers real-time integrated management of identity and mobility.

With the Okta solution, the resources of your business can be devoted to getting work done using Office 365, rather than dealing with complex user-management and system issues. What’s more, Okta offers scope for the elimination of ADFS, as well as Azure DirSync and Microsoft Identity Manager, potentially creating huge budget savings.

Get the Expert Answer

These are just some of the many benefits offered by implementing an Okta SSO solution to support your use of Office 365 in IT services in Sydney, as well as other cloud services. CustomTec can help you scope the solution and heal the headaches. We have the experience, skills, and partnerships required to assess your needs, explain the options, and implement a total solution, leaving you free to focus on your own business. Contact us to learn more.

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