Squeeze Too Tight and You Will Lose Your Grip

managed IT services SydneyManaged IT services in Sydney has the ability to help you maximise the value of your tech systems by ensuring you get the greatest use out of them without maintaining them beyond obsolescence. Maintaining old systems for too long— clinging on too tightly— will eventually result in you losing any ability to properly control or benefit from them. There’s a “sweet spot” that differs from business to business. Without professional assistance, it can be difficult to determine just where your sweet spot lies.

Do your operations use primarily Windows or Macintosh applications? Believe it or not, some computers retain their value much longer than others. However, this value retention isn’t so much confined to a specific brand as it is to how the technology is used, how your company is expanding, and what your budgetary limitations are.

What is certainly true is that you can continue to use obsolete systems long after they’ve stopped being assets for your company. In fact, this happens more often than not. The reasons why maintaining systems beyond obsolescence is bad may surprise you.

Costs of Support and Maintenance

If you want to restore a classic car with a carburettor, you have to find a mechanic who knows how to work on those old machines. That or learn how to perform the repair yourself. This isn’t easy and it will likely be more expensive. Computers are the same but to an even greater degree.

According to Moore’s law, technology doubles on itself every 18 months or so. This means ageing computer systems become antiquated quickly, and you may not be able to find a specialist, should failing to upgrade your systems in time result in you needing one. Here’s a development many business owners overlook: CDs and DVDs are being phased out these days. Today, operating system upgrades are usually downloaded from the internet.

This phase-out transition won’t fully mature for a few more years, but eventually, disc-based systems will be as obsolete as the vinyl record. Failure to upgrade your systems will eventually leave you with systems you cannot upgrade.

Security Losses

What is harder to hack: a slide lock, a padlock, a combination lock, or an encryption? With each technological upgrade, security increases but as things become more secure, hackers figure out new ways around such protection measures. A padlock is broken with bolt cutters. A combination lock is overcome by a safe-cracker. These days, there are apps you can download on your phone which can hack encryption that isn’t to the highest standard. Refraining from upgrading here can really cost you. Managed IT services in Sydney should be able to help you implement the right level of security.

Reduced Performance

This is probably the most obvious downside of using tech systems until they become obsolete. An extra five seconds of load time on a web page could become an hour’s lost productivity on a daily basis.

Ensuring All Systems Are Up-To-Date

Managed IT services in Sydney provided through CustomTec can help maintain the highest profitability by providing:

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance and Repair
  • Qualitative Security
  • Enhanced Performance

Optimisation costs that are properly informed will be more profitable for you in the long run. Contact us for consultation that will help you find and maintain your ideal tech balance.

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