IT support SydneyIs your company looking for IT support in Sydney? Managed services providers (MSPs) are significant players in the tech industry. The sector continues to grow and it’s not hard to see why. By providing often round the clock monitoring and maintenance of their clients’ IT infrastructure, MSPs offer companies not only their expertise, but peace of mind. Arguably, this was once an MSP’s greatest selling point; they take care of the IT infrastructure, empowering companies to concentrate on their core business activities.

In the early days of MSPs, there was little expectation on the part of the client for an MSP to do much else than fix issues as and when they arose because the ability to outsource IT was so useful in itself. Partly because of this, the standard MSP service has traditionally revolved around a break-fix approach. A problem arises— the MSP swoops down and fixes it. What initially set one MSP apart from another might have been who swooped fastest and most reliably or, put another way, who was more adept at minimising or eliminating downtime.

Expect More from Your MSP

A fast MSP response and uptime improvements are fundamental parts of the service, but in isolation, they’re not going to help your company to grow. Clients nowadays rightly expect more from their MSP, and the break-fix approach, except for companies with very minimal IT service requirements, simply doesn’t cut the mustard— a competitive edge can’t be gained simply through reactive maintenance. To this end, always look for an MSP that delivers preventative care and offers additional proactive services such as business needs analysis and reliable strategic consultation, not one focused solely on restoring functionality after things go wrong.

Beyond Break-Fix

When you run a company, you leverage data and technology in all sorts of ways. You use sales data to inform forecasting and stocking policy, or customer data to determine marketing decisions. You gather data then interpret it and use your in-house expertise and technology to identify and implement solutions. The point is that you use your raw materials strategically to optimise operations and drive improvements to your company, helping it to grow. IT support in Sydney has a role to play in this. Your MSP should have the technology and expertise to help you keep a closer track of data, gather it in greater volumes and at greater speed. They can help you to communicate with clients and prospects more effectively by providing better communication infrastructures, and make your company more agile by streamlining operations. All of these factors save your company time and money and therefore support its growth.

Ultimately, an MSP’s effectiveness is reflected in your financials. If the operating cost saving delivered by your MSP exceeds what you’re paying for their services, then this is a positive indication that they’re doing a good job for you.

When researching IT support in Sydney, always keep in mind that it’s not just about the advantages inherent in using an MSP— it’s about what advantages an MSP can obtain for your business, now and in the future. At CustomTec, we look beyond break-fix and offer solutions that will help your company to grow. For more information, contact us today.

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