IT services SydneySydney is a forward-thinking urban metropolis and it is little surprise that it has emerged as a hub for business start-ups and technology companies. IT isn’t just for the ‘Silicon Valley’ style businesses though, and in reality, technology is vital to all number of companies in different shapes and sizes. From one-person “Solopreneur” ventures to big multi-national companies, there are many IT services in Sydney that, at some point, you may find yourself looking for. How do you find reliable, quality IT services to suit your own unique needs?

Evaluate What You Need

It is important to give a little thought to what it is your company needs in terms of IT. Although IT services providers in Sydney will be able to help with this, it is good to have some idea going in. You don’t need to know all the tech specs either, some of it is common sense; a one-person company is not likely to need round-the-clock support. On the other hand, services such as anti-virus scans, updates, and patches are pretty much a good idea for everyone. Knowing what you are looking for will, of course, help you to find it.

Get Talking

This may not be specific to IT companies, but pretty much every service provider who is serious about taking you on as a client will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and give a little advice up front. Having an online chat or phone number shows you that an IT company is willing to be front facing, and won’t suddenly disappear just when you need them.


Of course, if you can get recommendation via word of mouth, then this is a big vote of confidence for a company. We live in an age of transparency and if you want to know more about a company, looking for reviews online is simpler than ever. Even testimonials on a company website are a good sign, especially if they can be traced to real business owners.

Look For Expertise

Anybody can throw up a website and claim to offer a service, but do they offer the sort of expertise you are looking for? There are many ways that a service provider can show you that they know what they are talking about. Is their website current? Do they have social media accounts in which they’re discussing new technology? Are they easy to contact and ask questions? All of these things are great indicators that you have found a company worth your time, and ultimately, your investment.


IT services can be quite varied, but the best businesses out there can be flexible and have packages to work for you. Working with an IT company is often a long-term thing and cutting corners won’t help. Finding IT services in Sydney, where the business community is so vibrant, should not be difficult, but spending a little bit of time up front working out which companies are reputable and will provide the services you are looking for can be vital before parting with your cash. At CustomTec, we can help your business flourish with our wide array of managed services and solutions. For more information, contact us!

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