IT services Sydney, disaster recovery SydneyThe challenges to success in business aren’t getting any easier. Every day, you’re looking for more creative and effective ways to strengthen your operations. Allow your organisation to focus on core competencies, safe in the knowledge that contingencies are fully in place for key risks such as disaster. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers many critical benefits for corporate IT services in Sydney. We outline a small number of the big benefits here:


With DRaaS in place, you and your company can relax and focus on your corporate core competencies, rightly confident that your disaster recovery (DR) needs are being met by experts. You don’t have to invest in unnecessary expert resources as they are being provided on a services basis.


Unlike in-house DR structures, DRaaS provides your company with a wealth of flexible options. If your requirements suddenly change, you’re not locked into a particular investment in hardware, software, or infrastructure. Resources can be expanded as needed.

Inherent Advantages

DRaaS offers many advantages that are inherent aspects of systems provided as a service. Flexibility, we have already outlined above. There is also the DR security of off-site backup and restore. DRaaS often also provides a level of speed, particularly when it comes to restoring services and data in the cloud, that may not be possible using in-house systems or corporate DR strategies dependent on your own data centre.

Industry-Leading RTO and RPO

You simply don’t have to worry about this. DRaaS, implemented properly by a suitable provider, should ensure that your operations enjoy recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) metrics that meet or exceed both your business needs and any regulatory or compliance requirements when it comes to disaster recovery in Sydney.

Furthermore, because these metrics will be defined in the relationship between your company and your service provider, you will know that they have been taken care of. Check that box, because it’s handled.

Again, you and your company enjoy much greater freedom to focus on core competencies because you enjoy proven strength in your IT services in Sydney.

Integration with Other Cloud Services

Whether your DRaaS is provided by an existing provider of your cloud services or you work with your new provider to integrate the new DR services with existing cloud services on which you depend, that scope for fast, powerful integration is a huge incentive.

In many cases, automation in both the DRaaS and other cloud services can reduce downtime so much, only by using your monitoring and reporting tools will you realise that you suffered a ‘disaster.’ Much of the old disaster paradigm is rewritten to the point where the damage is eliminated.

Business Continuity

As intimated in the previous paragraph, with DR done effectively, particularly within a framework of DRaaS and other cloud services, you can stop worrying about disaster and start enjoying solid business continuity. Rather than having to plug holes in your business caused by outages, you start focusing on optimisation of operations and business processes.

If you like what you see here and want to learn more about how your IT services in Sydney can enjoy the benefits of DRaaS, CustomTec can help. To learn more about us, get in touch today.

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