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CustomTec is focused on the health and wellbeing of our family of employee’s, as well as ensuring that as much as possible,

CustomTec acts in an environmentally sensitive manner.

CustomTec have developed a policy to set guidelines in this regard, and we will continue to monitor and refine this, as situations change.

We will:

– Ensure the health and wellbeing of our employee’s, through our compliance with all applicable Federal and State employment requirements in all locations in which we operate, and to the health and safety of our employee’s.
– Act to minimise the impact of our operations’ on the environment, through adopting appropriate and efficient technologies where practicable, and through reducing our per capita power consumption footprint.
– Ensure that as much as possible, pollution and waste will be minimised, and that waste material will be appropriately recycled.
– Operate in a manner that as much as possible, complies with the framework of the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC).
– Ensure our suppliers and contractors are aware of this Policy.

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