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Corporate Social Responsibility

CustomTec provides socially responsible support to the community, through the provision of the CustomTec Traineeship program, and through targeted distribution of pre-loved equipment.

The traineeship program involves offering carefully targeted opportunities within our business, to graduate and school leavers, providing them with:

A carefully structured and crafted program, specific to their needs, CustomTec needs, and the role they are to fulfill;
Real experience in the industry;
Support for studies, through time off and mentoring.

To date, CustomTec have provided traineeships in areas such as:

– Project Management
– Finance
– Administration
– Technical Support
– Sales

CustomTec also believes in redistributing / reusing equipment that is no longer needed, rather than “throwing it in the scrapheap”.

With this in mind and from time to time, CustomTec provides refurbished equipment to local students in need, as well as allowing employees to use old equipment in furtherance of their own personal skills and education.

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