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5 in 5 with Chris

Meet the team – Chris  How did you get into IT? My father was the IT Manager for the Australian Stock Exchange and from about 9 I had a computer at home. I remember it was an IBM with a small 8 inch screen and I learnt the DOS operating system...

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Cisco Live Conference

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the annual Cisco Live conference in Melbourne. This was the fourth year I’ve been to the conference and with over 7,000 participants; it’s one of the biggest and best events on the Australian IT...

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5-in-5 with Reza Nashvi

Meet the team – Reza Nashvi  5 questions in 5 minutes  1. How did you get into IT? As a child, I always liked computers. I loved playing games and can remember playing with old computers. At school, I was good at math so I was drawn to IT and the more I learned about...

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