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Supporting Business As Usual (BAU) during COVID-19

Social distancing, elbow bumping and working from home – how the workplace is disrupted due to COVID-19   With social norms changing thanks to COVID-19, it’s happening more often - that awkward moment when you lean in to greet a colleague with a handshake, and then...

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Hybrid Cloud with CustomTec

Hybrid cloud is the infrastructure choice of modern digital businesses. It offers the secure control, reliable performance, and predictable costs they need to power their business forward in uncertain business conditions. Here at CustomTec, we have an industry-first...

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Microsoft 2018 – Inspire

Most of us during our working life have been exposed to Microsoft products in one way or another, yes, even our Apple friends. So it was with great anticipation that I attended my first ever Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas last month, and it was absolutely massive,...

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Digital Disruption and the Modern Workplace

What’s happening with Digital Disruption and Transformation? Digital disruption is all around us right now. Every day in the news, we hear about disruptive companies with innovations and new business models that are challenging the conventional way of doing things....

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5 in 5 with Peter

Meet the team – Peter Baker Heading up the ServiceNow team at CustomTec, Peter Baker knows that businesses have to change to survive in the digital world. Digital strategies are common – but the approach to digital varies significantly. Peter and his team work with...

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5 in 5 with Chris

Meet the team – Chris  How did you get into IT? My father was the IT Manager for the Australian Stock Exchange and from about 9 I had a computer at home. I remember it was an IBM with a small 8 inch screen and I learnt the DOS operating system...

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Cisco Live Conference

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the annual Cisco Live conference in Melbourne. This was the fourth year I’ve been to the conference and with over 7,000 participants; it’s one of the biggest and best events on the Australian IT...

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5-in-5 with Reza Nashvi

Meet the team – Reza Nashvi  5 questions in 5 minutes  1. How did you get into IT? As a child, I always liked computers. I loved playing games and can remember playing with old computers. At school, I was good at math so I was drawn to IT and the more I learned about...

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