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Getting serious about cybersecurity: Cloud | Web | Email

With the dynamic security landscape increasing in complexity and severity, firewalls are not enough to protect your business. Users are roaming, using cloud-based apps and accessing the Internet off the corporate-network.

Cloud Web Security

FirstWave Cloud Web Security acts as your first line of defence against threats on the internet, providing complete visibility into internet activity across all locations (on and off corporate network), devices and users – blocking threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

 Using DNS-based or web proxy technology, Cisco Talos intelligence, and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Cloud Web Security can determine if a web request, URLs, and files are safe, malicious or risky and then route, block or send for deeper inspection accordingly.

 Find out more about Firstwave Cloud Web Security (view datasheet here) 

Cloud Email Security

With malware, phishing and ransomware attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, businesses must bolster their security against rising threats. Considering how vital it is for companies to protect their personal details and financial integrity, FirstWave offers full protection through Cloud Email Security, a highly reliable, scalable and richly featured email security service. Using innovative cloud content security and analytics capabilities powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESP™ email software technology and Cisco-based ESA/Ironport and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies, businesses can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Our Cloud Email Security technology secures inbound email from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses and spam, and also detects advanced persistent threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain and spoofing attacks.


Cybercriminals Targeting SME

 Email attacks on SMEs are today as sophisticated as cybersecurity threats to large businesses and government entities. Cybercriminals are targeting SMEs as they rarely possess – and can’t afford – carrier-grade security of larger firms. For too long, SMEs have relied on consumer-grade email security provided by their email suppliers.

It’s time SMEs got serious about cybersecurity.

 Find out more about FirstWave E-mail Security (view datasheet here)

 FirstCloudTM Mail Security for O365 Users – Upgrade your email security to carrier-grade for the cost of a daily coffee (view datasheet here)

CustomTec, FirstWave and Cisco – a unique partnership

Cyber security is moving at a rapid pace. Making the right choices for the systems you bring into your security solutions is absolutely essential!

To find out more about Firstwave, click here


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