managed IT services Sydney, cloud solutions SydneyCloud computing from a provider of managed IT services in Sydney can offer a wide range of powerful benefits when it comes to ensuring your information is as secure as possible. Furthermore, it provides ways to do this with reduced overheads, worries, and costs. Potentially, by moving to cloud computing, your organisation can enjoy greater levels of information security than if you maintain everything in-house.


The agility provided by migrating from in-house provision to hosted cloud services extends beyond just the ability to support your bandwidth and storage needs. Cloud computing from a suitably competent provider also packs a real information security punch in terms of the ability to support and respond flexibly to volatile demand, especially when spikes in activity threaten data security.

Increased Security

Moving to cloud solutions in Sydney raises considerations about security, as important questions must be both asked and answered whenever any part of your operations or data is moved from your own in-house control to systems controlled by another company.

However, an adept provider of cloud computing services already has the security policies, security experts, and infrastructure professionals needed to ensure your security is maximised. Particularly with small organisations, migrating to suitable cloud platforms provides access to levels of security expertise they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Disaster Preparedness

It doesn’t matter how secure your systems are if they fail disgracefully or you lose data because a system went down. By signing a suitably specified contract with a provider of managed IT services in Sydney, you can stop worrying about disaster recovery (DR) and enjoy the benefits of scale afforded by an expert provider.

Reduced IT Issues

Every time something goes wrong in IT, information security can suffer. Moving from in-house systems to cloud computing gives you more standardised systems run by a large provider. With managed services, the responsibility — and worry — of managing your server or data centre lies with the provider.

Adherence to Protocols

Some of your staff will need to maintain the skills required to ensure that security is being safeguarded. Inevitably, your provider will be adhering to and applying industry protocols that can at times be hard for a small organisation to follow.

Working with your provider, your security team can stay current with the state of the art. Your managed services provider can work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to maintain auditing and compliance.

Better Teamwork

Working with the provider and engaging with industry standards helps to foster better teamwork. Your in-house security team gets the chance to work more closely with your own engineers and they also further develop the art of working with outside staff.

Productivity Gains

The tools and processes that characterise cloud computing boost productivity. It is the very nature of cloud computing today, particularly in the areas of security and DR, that it can offer so much power.

Automation in the delivery of services and monitoring/reporting can really reduce the overhead required of your security team, thanks to managed IT services in Sydney. Your security isn’t just stronger— you have the numbers to prove that it’s stronger. To learn exactly how this is possible, contact us at CustomTec today.

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