managed IT services SydneyWhen it comes to deciding how to acquire managed IT services in Sydney, one key question arises: should your company settle for a single vendor or is it better to go with multiple vendors? In any area of service or product provision, this is a critical question.

The Basic Choices

As with any type of expertise, a certain amount of ‘common sense’ applies. Though it is easier to deal with a single supplier, IT is a particularly challenging area in which to try to be the best across all disciplines. The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” may well apply when it comes to the provision of IT services. So, multiple vendors would seem to be best. After all, this allows you to select the best vendor for each different area of your needs. It also means you can use competition to ensure your business enjoys the best value from each vendor. However, this also introduces new challenges.

Procurement processes have to be applied for each of the vendors. Integrating services between vendors and with your company’s own systems may end up being much more complex than with a single-vendor solution. You may need to assign more staff to handle the higher number of vendor relationships.

Taking a View

There is no doubt that each approach offers a number of potential attractions. This means there is no one catch-all answer. You need to weigh the strengths and possible drawbacks of each approach and ascertain which one is a better fit for the particular needs of your organisation. There are three main areas to consider:


A single-vendor solution should reduce the complexity of the business relationship, the challenges from interoperability of systems, administration, and accounting. In a multi-vendor scenario, your organisation will have to take the lead in making sure the systems from each of the vendors integrate with each other and with your own systems.


As highlighted above, it simply wouldn’t be realistic to expect a single vendor to be able to provide the best product or service in every aspect of IT services. They may still provide enough benefits in other areas that your organisation can accept the limitations. However, in terms of the ability to ensure your organisation enjoys best-of-breed across all products and services, there is no substitute for using multiple vendors.


This is one area in which using a single vendor can really pay off. For managed IT services in Sydney, a single-vendor relationship means that you can negotiate lower prices and the vendor should be able to accommodate your request, as you’re providing more business both now and potentially in the future. Furthermore, the cost of managing the relationship is lower for your organisation, as you only have to deal with the one provider.

There is no easy answer to the question of whether to go single-vendor or use multiple vendors when it comes to managed IT services in Sydney. Finding the answer that suits the needs of your organisation takes time, research, and consideration. Get it right and your operations stand only to benefit and strengthen. For expert help with figuring out the right answer for your organisation, contact us at CustomTec today.

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