IT support SydneyYour company relies on a wide array of computer and technological sources, so having reliable IT support in Sydney is an essential business requirement. Downtime caused by outages costs your business money. This cost and the criticality of the different data sets involved determine the recovery time objectives for your IT systems.

Why Recovery Time Matters

Server failures, data loss, and other issues frequently impact business systems, and the amount of time it takes for your computer systems to recover directly impacts your company’s business continuity. An hour of downtime compared to a day of downtime could be the difference between your company surviving a disastrous computer failure and its financial ruin.

By calculating and articulating your company’s needs regarding recovery time, your business can create the budget and processes it needs to be able to meet those requirements head-on. Identifying and implementing the appropriate preparation and procedures can ensure that your recovery time objectives are obtainable.

Choosing the Recovery Time Objectives that Suit Your Business

The appropriate recovery time objective (RTO) differs from company to company. To identify the right RTO for your company, you need the right data. For a simple idea of how to address your RTO, look at your total cost of system outages. The key points to include are overhead, employee costs, and loss of sales. Calculating this cost on a per hour basis provides an estimate of the magnitude of risk pertaining to a particular computer system outage. Companies that have a high cost per hour of downtime use this to rationalise the costs of services that promise a shorter recovery time.

In some cases, there may be additional variables to consider. A complex understanding of the impact of system outages provides a better understanding of the requirements and costs. A matrix of costs by department which includes dependencies on specific computer systems allows for a complete picture. This full analysis helps you categorise the key systems and identify longer RTOs for less critical systems within your IT structure. This method helps reduce costs, as only the systems you choose are constrained to the shortest of recovery time objectives.

The Cost of Low RTO

For some companies, an hour long system outage is disastrous. With very high costs during outages, it is critical that these companies have their systems up and running as soon as possible. To ensure they are able to meet their recovery time objective, they need to pay for the services to meet that requirement. This includes on-call staff for after-hour interruptions, multiple servers, and other services that come with high price tags. Other companies are able to survive with longer system downtimes— this comes with significant costs savings. By having an RTO that is longer, IT support in Sydney is easier and cheaper to provide.

Keeping your systems up and running is critical for all businesses. With the right IT support in Sydney, your unique RTO requirements are met. At CustomTec, we provide the right services and support to ensure your systems are up when you need them. For more information about our company, contact us.

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