IT support SydneyChatbots might have struck you as nothing more than a hobby for geeks. But if your business outsources its IT support in Sydney, then chances are your customers will be dealing with an automated chatbot in the near future.

Companies around the globe are already rolling out these apps as the first line of communication for customers. American restaurant chain Taco Bell, for example, is trialling a food-ordering chatbot that responds intelligently to questions and commands given in English. While TickX, in Manchester England, uses chatbots to help customer book travel and gig tickets.

It’s easy to get lost in the hype, but these apps can have a real impact on how customers interact with your business.

Instant Customer Support

You probably know the frustration of having a problem with a product or service but not being able to get immediate help from the company that provides it. The worst companies don’t even send you an automated message acknowledging your request for help.

In dealing with your own customers, you know it’s not always possible to answer enquiries right away. Your customers may not be so forgiving though. Research shows that 91% of consumers who aren’t happy with a product or service will stop using it.

Chatbots solve the delayed response problem since they’re available 24/7. At the very least, they can acknowledge the customer’s problem and let them know help is on the way. But recent advances in language processing and decision-making mean they can often be programmed to solve routine problems on the spot.

Specialised Tasks Easily Accomplished

Chatbots won’t completely replace humans any time soon at providing IT support in Sydney. But, they can be programmed to take care of routine tasks such as:

  • Answering FAQs
  • Processing product returns and replacements
  • Delivering order-tracking information
  • Helping customers find products

This frees up human assistants for dealing with more complex problems.

A Boost in Sales and a More Personal Service

The best human support teams are the ones that remember you and your preferences. They can often intuit what you want and deliver it promptly. This leaves you feeling pleasantly surprised at the ease of the transaction, and pleased that you were treated as an individual, not a walking dollar sign.

Today’s chatbots can also provide personalised service. They remember every interaction with your customer and tailor their answers to suit. For instance, some chatbots can learn to give better product recommendations based on your customers’ buying habits.

This kind of personalisation makes dealing with your company a pleasure. It also makes it more likely that customers will find extra products to buy from you. Better still, the customer satisfaction this generates creates a virtuous circle. Your customers stick with your business over time and you gain a reputation for great support.


The best providers of IT support in Sydney are ready to adapt to the latest technological trends, to keep their clients’ customers happy and loyal. To find out how your business can benefit from outsourcing its IT support to us at CustomTec, contact us today.

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