mobile device managementThe days are gone when employees only logged into your network from their office PCs. Increasingly, people are logging in from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, making your mobile device management (MDM) solution more important than ever.

Unfortunately, managing device access is a difficult task. Getting it wrong could have serious consequences for your business though, from making employees less efficient to allowing thieves to steal your company’s data.

The main challenges in implementing mobile device management are:

Employees Using Personal Devices

In many ways, it makes sense to let employees use their own devices. For one, people work more efficiently on systems they’re familiar with. But managing access from the hundreds of varieties of phones, tablets, and other computers is a technological nightmare.

Each device uses its own unique blend of hardware and software. Your management system has to be compatible with all the ones your employees are likely to use. With dozens of new devices appearing each month, this is no easy task.

User Experience

There’s no use in implementing a secure system if your employees are going to ignore it. Unfortunately, the outdated design of some systems leaves employees frustrated. Unsurprisingly, many start bypassing company systems to use publicly available (and less secure) tools instead.

Data Loss

People lose their devices. Whether it’s the result of thieves or carelessness, this can leave your company’s data in the hands of unknown people.

Lack of Skilled Workers

There’s a huge demand for network administrators but few candidates able to fill the posts. This leaves employers with no good option. Either you pay exorbitant salaries or train people up from within (and continue to suffer problems for months while they study).

What’s the Answer?

The best way to answer these challenges is to choose your device management system with care. While no solution can stop people losing their devices, the right one can limit the risks you face when they do. Some of the advantages you gain with a well-designed and implemented system are:

  • Seamless integration – The best solutions are up-to-date with the latest devices and technology. This allows your workers to plug straight in and get on with their work.
  • Modern user experience – An enterprise level solution should be as easy to use and flexible as mass-market email, file-sharing, and productivity systems.
  • Data security – A good solution should ensure data is stored securely on all devices, protecting your secrets in the event of device loss.

Of course, a complex system like this is expensive and difficult to set up and maintain. It makes more sense for most businesses to outsource this to a specialist. A good IT service can implement a competitive solution more efficiently and cost-effectively than most SMEs. What’s more, because usability and security are the cornerstones of their business, they already have the technical staff in place.

If you’re ready to let the experts enhance your business with a modern mobile device management solution, then get in touch with us at CustomTec today!

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