IT support SydneyThere are many benefits to IT support in Sydney providing a 24/7 helpdesk for your firm, even if you have an IT department already.

Many small businesses do not have a dedicated IT specialist, but if they do, it is a small team trying to troubleshoot problems, carry out the sometimes tedious repetitive tasks that are required within a business, as well as being expected to optimise current infrastructure and investigate new technologies, all at the same time as answering calls requiring IT support from customers and other employees.

Reasons for Outsourcing IT Support

It can be a much better use of your IT team’s time if the mundane tasks and all failures, problems, and queries are outsourced to an IT support company in Sydney as they specialise in these issues. To free up your IT team and other employees to carry out the jobs they were employed to do, a 24/7 helpdesk will always be there.

They will answer the phone to any customer or member of staff that is having some sort of IT problem, and be on call at all times, whatever time zone you, your staff, or your customers are in. Because there will always be someone to help, it doesn’t matter if your end users or even staff are working outside the normal 9 to 5 hours, there will always be an experienced professional on hand.

Extensive Experience

Employing a managed service provider for this service means you will have access to the IT team behind the helpdesk. This team will be larger than small to medium businesses can normally hope to afford if they were employed separately, and because of this size they will be experienced in many areas and will have diverse skills to cope with any type of issue that arises.

Fast Response Times and Economical

With these unlimited skills and fast response times, you will be saving on overtime payments and eradicating the need to stack problems up for solving during normal work hours. That may be temporarily workable, but the more the issues back up it won’t be long before you find your IT team is floundering under a pile of support tickets, with no time left to fulfil the role that you employed them for in the first place.

Consult the Professionals

It can make sense to allow someone else to take all these tasks and worries away from the normal day-to-day running of the business, and who better to choose than a company who specialises in IT problems and solutions. It doesn’t make sense to try and run everything yourself. If you had an electrical problem, you would probably call an electrician. If your pipes were blocked, a plumber would be first on your to-do list. Why not carry this on into your professional life and employ a company that can bring their expertise to the table and keep your company working 24 hours a day.

If you can see your business benefitting from a dedicated 24/7 IT helpdesk, then you need to contact an IT support company in Sydney like CustomTec to help you. Contact us and we will take all of your support issues from your shoulders.

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