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Cloud computing has truly revolutionised how we do business, forever altering the paradigms that apply to everything from paying wages to developing new software. But success in the cloud is not simply a case of migrating every last business system away from the premises. So, what is the best way to implement managed IT services in Sydney for long-term commercial success? We’ve laid out some key steps.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The most important principle to appreciate is that there is no single approach to cloud computing works for all organisations. The needs of every business are different and, therefore, every business must adopt a different strategy. Some key steps, however, will remain the same when it comes to adopting cloud computing in Sydney.

Map the Landscape

You cannot figure out how to get from A to B if you don’t know where A is. Your business needs to understand where it stands today with regards to its computing needs. By surveying your existing systems, everything from the exact hardware being used and how it’s being used to the various programs running on servers and clients’ needs to be defined.

Identify the Goals

Now that you’ve identified where your organisation stands right now, you can properly define where it needs to go. The final shape of this step will be defined in part by a feedback loop from the next step, but you still have to begin this step. With your knowledge of where your corporate computing stands today, you can identify where it needs to be in the future. This will help shape how you’ll approach the cloud.

Technology Trends

So, you know where you stand and you have a very good idea where you want to get to. Before you can be certain where you’re headed and how exactly you’ll get there, you need to be mindful of trends. Look at this step a little bit like figuring out the flow of river currents before jumping in your canoe.

Taking some time now to learn where the state of cloud computing and related technologies (including on-premises) are headed can help avoid dead-ends. As you begin to understand trends in managed IT services in Sydney, review your goals to see how they may be able to capitalise on these trends.

Should You Go Full-Cloud?

It’s possible. For some organisations, a presence 100% in the cloud may work very well. In reality, however, few operations, especially those that have been running for a while, will or should migrate wholly away from on-premises systems. This process we’re following will help determine that, though.

By scoping out the position of your existing IT systems, defining your objectives, and studying trends, you should develop a much more powerful picture of where your organisation’s use of cloud computing should be headed.

As you begin to shape your migration to cloud services, of course, you’ll encounter providers. Suppliers of managed IT services in Sydney can help to fill in holes in your understanding. CustomTec has a wealth of experience with migrations such as these. Get in touch to learn more.

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