Meet the team – Peter Baker

Heading up the ServiceNow team at CustomTec, Peter Baker knows that businesses have to change to survive in the digital world. Digital strategies are common – but the approach to digital varies significantly. Peter and his team work with companies to implement a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to digital disruption, making them better prepared to transform, and compete in an increasingly disruptive workplace.

 How did you get into IT?

  1. I first became interested in computers when my family purchased a Commodore VIC-20. However, my high school only had a few computers, so in year 12 I had to travel 2 hours once a week to attend night school in order to study IT and complete year 12.  I then continued on to university to complete an IT degree.

  2. What do you like and dislike most about your job?
    I like most things about my job. One thing I find a little frustrating is not having the time to take a completed task to the next level.  Sometime I do like to continue on with a completed task at home to see how far I could take a solution.

  3. What do you like to do outside of work?
    Most of my time outside of work is spent with my family.  I have 2 kids that play basketball and netball.  We also enjoy going to watch the Big Bash during summer with the extended family.

  4. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing?
    I always wanted to be a dairy farmer. I grew up on a farm, and after 10 years in IT went back to trade school, and then managed the family farm for a few years.  I also have an accounting degree, so maybe I could have been an accountant.

  5. What do you think will change the most in the way that we work with IT in the future?
    I think automation and security are areas that are growing the fastest. I think changes in these areas will have the most impact in the future.

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