managed IT services SydneyEmploying a managed IT services provider in Sydney means outsourcing your company’s IT systems and support. The managed service provider (MSP) takes over the functions normally done within a company by an IT department.

In recent years, a flood of small and medium-sized businesses have started taking advantage of managed services. Often, they’re attracted by the idea of having the industry leading IT that was once the preserve of large corporations. But, what are the specific benefits of outsourcing your IT?

1. Minimize the Risk of Disasters

Any company with valuable data has to worry about loss from:

  • Accidental or malicious employee deletions
  • Fires, floods, and other natural disasters
  • Viruses and hackers

But keeping data backed-up and efficiently recoverable is expensive and difficult. MSPs have to offer this; without it, they have no business.

2. Reduce Downtime

When you utilise managed IT services in Sydney, an expert team of IT pros runs your systems. This keeps your systems online in all but the most extreme circumstances.

3. Predictable Costs

Many service providers offer flat fee plans, allowing you to plan more effectively.

4. Lower Costs

You benefit from economies of scale and only pay for staff and resources you actually use. No more half-used servers or IT staff twiddling their thumbs.

5. No Hassle of Recruiting and Holding onto Qualified Staff

Positions in network administration and cyber security are especially hard to fill. There’s a global shortage of qualified staff, meaning that candidates always have plenty of attractive options.

6. Competence Assured

A qualified employee isn’t always a competent one. Unless you’re an experienced network administrator, you’re unlikely to spot underperforming employees in your IT department until it’s too late. Unfortunately, computer problems can have catastrophic effects on your business, especially for online businesses. IT is your MSP’s sole purpose though, so they make sure their employees are competent.

7. Speed and Cost of Implementation

Managed IT services usually have the capacity for you to expand at will. This is especially useful for online retailers who may be especially busy during holiday periods and also for start-ups who may experience rapid growth. An internal IT department usually takes longer to implement new systems, costing you money in wages and stifling your growth, even if the solution ends up being as efficient.

8. No Security Compliance Worries

Some industries have legal requirements about IT and data security. MSPs have to offer the highest grade of security as standard. By using an MSP, you make them responsible for compliance.

9. Staff Can Focus on Your Core Business

Investments in IT infrastructure can be expensive and have complex ramifications, so they often need executive approval. By outsourcing your IT, you keep your executives focused on your most important goals, rather than analysing mind-boggling technical decisions.

10. 24-hour support

Your IT department might work Monday to Friday, 9-5, but MSPs provide full support day and night— that includes weekends and holidays. Your company IT guy might work Christmas in an emergency, but you still have to wait for him to get to the office.


Using managed IT services in Sydney can save you money, increase your security, and give you access to industry-leading technology. For more information on managed services and its benefits to your company, contact us at CustomTec today and see how we can help your business.

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